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GK Hand Sanitiser™ - Familoves 梵美樂

GK Hand Sanitiser™



GK Hand Sanitiser provides a quick and convenient way to kill 99.99999% of bacteria on your hands when soap and water are not available. Its alcohol-free formulation is non-drying and non-irritating even to sensitive skin, making it safe and suitable for daily use.

Product Features
  • No alcohol
  • Leaves an active anti-microbial film
  • Refreshes instantly
  • Non-drying
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Baby powder fragrance

Application for use

  • After coughing and sneezing
  • After using the computer
  • Use during excursions and trips to the playground, whenever water and soap are not readily available.
  • Before eating
  • After coming in contact with germ hotspots such as buttons on ATM machines



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