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1. What is GK™ product?

GK™ is a brand new product , high quality, safe , non-toxic , it can clean and protect family from bacterial invasion . It have multi-function, sterilization while cleaning, mildew and odor -free, no water rinse required amd leaving 24 hours antimicrobial protection . Make cleaning more interesting , and desirable !

2.Why should disinfect?

General cleaning is just removed surface visible stains, we believe that the need of disinfection, eliminate the invisible are truly cleaned.

3. 99.9% vs 99.99999%?

From a technical level, with 99.9% of the effectiveness of disinfectants, should be able to reduce the microorganism is 1,000 to 1,000,000. The net can stand GK™ products, they have been tested for disinfection efficacy of 99.9999% , namely 1,000,000 can be reduced to only one microorganism .

4. The importance of antibacterial function?

If no antibacterial ability, we need to follow the Department of Health guidelines disinfected once every two hours. Because a single bacterium can reproduce to 6,000,000 bacteria within eight hours. GK™ has 24-hour antibacterial protection, will be able to enjoy a full day of clean and protected.

5. How GK™ can be established sterilisation?

GK™ components QUATS can absorb a variety of bacteria and viruses and destroy their DNA duplicating the structure so that it can not reproduce, so a long-term physical antibacterial function.

6. How is GK™ deodorizing power?

Very good! Can decompose sweat smell, damp musty, smell excrement common taste, and pet odor caused by bacteria, but after a while there will be short and with natural elegant flower fragrance, it is the spirit of mind and mood.

7. Can GK™ reduce the dust mite problem?

Possible, GK™ can absorb a variety of bacteria and viruses and destroy dust mites duplicating its DNA structure so that it can not reproduce, so a long-term physical antibacterial function. We recommend using daily GK Concentrate cleaning floors, dipping washcloth and wash clothes, use GK Air in bed, wardrobe, shoe and corner of the room spray, use GK Surface in carpets, sofas spray can remove mite allergens, to prevent allergy to a certain extent.

8. Does baby or children can use GK™?

Of course can! GK™ safe and non-toxic, does not stimulate or hurt baby soft sensitive skin, all the ingredients can be natural decomposition. It is suitable for families with children, pregnant women or pet daily use. At the same time, it can long-term use with skin contact by the Singapore government regulation.

9. Can GK™ spray on pets?

Of course can! GK™ pet cleansing spray is only effective for bacteria and viruses, for pet cleaning, sterilization, removing pet odor. GK™ does not stimulate or hurt sensitive skin.

10.Can GK™ kill insects?

Most small insects and microbial attachment mold survival and reproduction, while GK™ can effectively eliminate such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes and prevent mold growth.

11.Will GK™ hurt the skin?

It will not. This product is pH neutral, about 5.5-7.5, which is close to human skin pH without causing your hand skin roughness, does not make the skin dry. At the same time, it can long-term use with skin contact by the Singapore government regulation.

12. How long GK™ can store?

Refer to the manufacturing date stated at the bottom, its shelf life can be up to 36 months. It should be confined stored in a dark cool place.


1.Is GK™ non-toxic?

Absolutely non-toxic and very safe! Our products main ingredients is natural deionized water and QUATS, while QUATS widely used in eye drops and food sterilization, through the United States surveyor SGS nontoxic assessment test. If you want to request product safety data sheets Material safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please contact us and we will be happy to provide the relevant information.

2. Does GK™ products contain triclosan (Triclosan) ingredients?

Of course not! But there are many antibacterial products in the market such as antibacterial hand sanitizer will be added triclosan, this ingredients is possible harmful to human we never use.

3. Does GK™ contain ethanol (alcohol)?

The use of high concentrations of alcohol 70-80% can damage the skin of protein, and these things are very flammable. GK™ series can stand only GK Surface make it special by adding 20% ​​increase disinfection effectiveness completed within seconds, while GK Concentrate & GK Hand Sanitiser does not contain any alcohol.

4. Does GK™ contain ammonia?

No. We believe that the ammonia is very unpleasant and toxic, we reject these poisons.

5. Does GK™ smell contain toxic?

Adding an appropriate floral scent will help people the spirit of comfortable, happy. GK™ series using different natural fragrance such as GK Air added natural green tea fragrance, GK Concentrate & GK Surface adding natural elegance jasmine. And we use advanced perfume, absolutely non-toxic, harmless to human body.


1. Where is GK™ manufacturing?

GK™ stand in our own factory Singapore Industrial Park, production, R & D Center and manufacturing facility, "Mr. McKenic" in 1998 joined the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) to become a member, and in 2004 adopted the ISO14001 certification, the realization of product manufacturing, the pursuit of environmental and safety commitments. More at the 16th European International Quality Award and the 27th International Award for the best selling products to obtain international recognition, "Mr. McKenic" full range of products!

2. What is the different of GK™ and other product?

Most disinfectant the market to sterilize by biological principles are "poison to poison " , the process releases toxic pungent odor, skin contact feel hot, uncomfortable after inhalation , or treatment of wound pain. Toxic substances will make our eyes, skin, respiratory system, endocrine system hurt. Disinfection effectiveness (99.9% -99.999 %) , no antibacterial function , limited to one-time disinfection , failed to provide protection . GK™ all products are water-based, non-toxic formula exclusive to physically meet their specific purpose. These formulations are very safe for all surfaces, and will not cause any harm or contacts with the family, is a very quick and non-toxic to humans or animals fungicides. GK™ disinfection capability is very good, up to 99.99999% , with 24 hours of antibacterial function, can be truly clean and protected.


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