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H7N9 continues to spread [嬰幼兒寵愛 - 防塵蟎 - 驅蚊蟲 - 無毒殺菌 - 消毒除味 - 健康環保]

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H7N9 continues to spread

NORTH <- East China -> Central H7N9 continues to spread

Mainland H7N9 bird flu continues grim, more spread trend. Following the capital of north China's Beijing the day before the discovery confirmed cases, central China's Henan yesterday also the first time that someone diagnosed with H7N9, the epidemic has spread to the outside of the display EAST trend, the country has also increased to 60 cases and 13 deaths. Shanghai has also appeared skeptical human transmission cases, but has not yet officially confirmed.

H7N9 epidemic spread, worrying will further spread the virus to Guangdong, and even into Hong Kong. Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man, said temporary no evidence that the virus from person to person, with Guangdong unaffected, temporarily will not consider sale of live poultry and other measures, but reminded poultry workers at greatest risk, should strengthen prevention. HA Chief Executive Leung Pak-yin worry, winter migratory birds flying south, will greatly increase the chance of birds appeared in Hong Kong H7N9 virus. 


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