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4 steps to prevent HFMD! [嬰幼兒寵愛 - 防塵蟎 - 驅蚊蟲 - 無毒殺菌 - 消毒除味 - 健康環保]

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4 steps to prevent HFMD! 

Recently, a lot of friends” kids around got HFMD: it is so easy to infect! We do not have understanding about it.

Foot and mouth disease (HFMD)

Is a common infectious disease caused by the enterovirus, especially ages younger than 3 years old infants, the majority of patients with mild symptoms, a small number of patients may be complicated by aseptic meningitis, acute flaccid paralysis, respiratory infections and myocarditis, and even death occurs .

The child and adult infections without disease, we called latent infection, a large proportion of latent infection spread fast. Child and adult infections not the disease, but will become the carrier of the virus, the spread of the virus and caring for your baby at home, be sure to do home health.

Way for Spreading

HFMD mainly through contact with droplets, contaminated hands, towels, toys, utensils, milk tools, bedding, underwear or spread by touching objects soiled.

Treatment Methods

At present, no specific drug treatment of foot and mouth disease. Patients should drink plenty of water and have adequate rest, but we can use the symptoms therapy to relieve pain relief caused by fever and mouth ulcers.

To avoid transmitting the virus to others, sick children should avoid school or participate in group activities, parents should carefully observe the condition of the child. Such as persistent fever, looked sluggish, or deterioration, etc., the patient should seek treatment as soon as possible.


At present, there is not yet a vaccine is effective in preventing foot and mouth disease. Therefore, good health habits is most important:

1. Wash your hands often to keep your hands clean, especially after using the toilet or changing diapers (with GK net can stand sterilization hand spray, hands antimicrobial protection available all day)

2. Sneezing or coughing over her mouth and nose (with GK net Lap air sterilization spray, the air can kill bacteria and prevent germs spread through the air)

3. Clean and toys and objects children often contact disinfection, such as learning to run mats, BB car / chairs (with GK net can stand sterilization cleaning spray, spray a sweeping movements will be able to clean and disinfect, without over-water)

4. Add cleaning clothes and household disinfectant floor cleaner to keep the household sanitation (with GK net can stand sterilization cleaning concentrate, gentle formula, jasmine, without over-water)

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