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SAA Walkathon 2016 [嬰幼兒寵愛 - 防塵蟎 - 驅蚊蟲 - 無毒殺菌 - 消毒除味 - 健康環保]

Antony Ko

On behalf of the Society for Abandoned Animals Ltd. (SAA) and all our beneficiary animals, I write to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude for your support in SAA Walkathon 2016. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are most appreciated.

Your relentless support enable our over 300 animals with a supporting veterinary clinic. Your compassion and kindness is our inspiration and the reason for us to continue our mission of “Love Animals, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning” during these harsh times. We sincerely hope you will give us your continued support.

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